Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sunday, 12 February 2017 10:55 pm

Lover's World

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Listen to the music that the radio plays,
Whether newly released or from the good old days,
And it barely even matters which genre of song
Or what station you’re on, because it won’t be long
Before somebody sings about falling in love.
You would think that that topic’s been covered enough,
But there’s always a new heart to steal or break.
It’s a lover’s world; make no mistake.

If you watch the ads on TV or online
When the program’s not kiddie, you’re likely to find
That they want you to think that whatever they’re selling
Will cause another person to find you compelling,
Be that person a stranger or a current date
Or a spouse who hasn’t been affectionate of late.
Exploiting this desire makes many a sale.
It’s a lover’s world; they can hardly fail.

When you ask a waiter for a table for one,
You are keenly aware that it doesn’t look fun.
When a service doesn’t cater to a single adult,
You may start to feel as if you’ve entered a cult.
There’s an expectation that you’ll find a honey.
If you say you won’t try, people look at you funny,
For isn’t this something that everyone wants?
It’s a lover’s world, as it plainly flaunts.

About that last stanza: As much as I meant it,
I don’t want you thinking that I really resent it.
I’m not one for bitterness on Valentine’s Day.
(It helps that the candy chases doldrums away.)
I’ve found my peace as an unattached guy
In a culture that barely understands why.
When others have romances pleasant to see,
This lover’s world is all right by me.


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