Sunday, 21 May 2017

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A’s for agouti, a rodent that’s big.
B: babirusa, a curvy-tusked pig.
C’s for coati, a type of raccoon.
D is for dik-dik, so cute I could swoon.
E’s for echidna, with spines and a snout.
F is for frogmouth, a bird that looks stout.
G is for gharial, kin to the croc.
H is for hyrax, and one type is rock.
I’s for ichneumon—the mongoose, no wasp.
J’s for jerboa; it’s known for its hops.
K is for kea, a mostly green parrot.
L is for lapwing, so shrill I can’t bear it.
M is for mara, related to cavies.
N is for narwhal, familiar to navies.
O’s for okapi, with upper leg rings.
P is for pangolin, oddest of things.
Q is for quokka, which looks like it’s grinning.
R is for rhea, whose looks are not winning.
S is for serval, with rather large ears.
T’s for tamandua, which termite-kind fears.
U is for urial, long-legged sheep.
V’s for vaquita; I hope it will keep.
W stands for wapiti, a deer.
X: X-ray tetra (what else could go here?).
Y is for yapok, the water opossum.
Z’s for zorilla, whose odor is awesome.
So goes the alphabet. Now, kids, I ask:
Will all these animals help with your task?


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