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As I said I would, I entered the Style Invitational's "grandfoal" contest. Today I see that I didn't get any honors, tho the fourth-place result is the same as for one entry I submitted to the previous contest. Guess they didn't have as many good entries this time around. Anyway, I thought I'd share my submissions once more:

Emir Trifle x Help a Thief! = Aden and Abettin'
In a Minute Dear x The Who? = Anon-ymous
Jethro Dull x Hive Got Rhythm = Aquastung
Man Asses x Congrats, Loser = Booty Prize
Fish Shtick x Don's Surly Slight = The Codfather
'Ell, a Beer! x Koch-Conspirator = Ed of Foam
REMbrandt x Love Hertz = Everybody Hertz
Chinese Checkers x Eric Clap = Go-norrhea
Haribo Diddley x Bare It Browning = Gummi Bares
The Half-Dime Show x Shenand"O"ah = Nickel"O"deon
Titan the Screw x Bonus Pints = Screwtape Liters
Ruble Yell x Walk Off Homer = Shekel Leg
Love Hertz x Shenand"O"ah = Shock and O
Baba O'Really x 'Ell, a Beer! = Skeptic Tanked
Muck Rakin' x Bomb Bard = Whistle Blown (Up)

It wasn't my own best either -- certainly not my most prolific -- but I still like some of them.


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