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The Style Invitational has repeated its ever-popular contest of "breeding" Triple Crown nominees. The winners and honorable mentions this year are good, but alas, none are mine. And I had submitted the maximum number allowed. See if you think any of mine were worthy:

Hieroglyphics x The Walk = Like an Egyptian
Archimedes x Filet of Sole = You Reek-a!
Warrior's Club x Confederate = Mace & Dixon Line
Excavation x The Hardest Way = Cheap Spork
Mo Town x My Blue Heaven = Mo Better Blues
Gorgeous Kitten x Midnight Pleasure = Cathouse
American Anthem x Foggy Night = Oh Say Can You See
Dangerfield x Term of Art = Minecraft
Sonneteer x Rowdy the Warrior = Shake Spear
Gorgeous Kitten x Solo Saxophone = Careless Whisker
Vanish x Term of Art = Without a Trace
Industrialist x Practical Joke = JK Morgan
Hey Mike x Classic Rock = Hey Jude
Bobby Abu Dhabi x Downhill Racer = Bobsledder
Classic Rock x High Frequency = Good Vibrations
Gorgeous Kitten x One Liner = Catsphrase
Midnight Pleasure x Iliad = Midnight & Paris
Iliad x Pat on the Back = Pat-roclus
Rowdy the Warrior x No More Talk = Silent Knight
Bee Jersey x Classic Empire = Buzzantine
Fast and Accurate x Term of Art = Quick Draw
Glacier x No Dozing = Ice Wide Open
Baseline x Iliad = Homer
Irap x It's Your Nickel = 5 Cent
True Timber x Pollock = Lumberjackson

Oh well. I still have until Monday the 15th to enter the follow-up contest: breeding the winners of this one. I did get an HM for that once.
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